Australian born, Arabian decent, Urban Soul RnB Lioness!

whitebarA poet, warrior and nurturer. Amari’s sultry cool is bringing back music with meaning. She rises to the occasion thumping out heavy beats soulful melodies and anthems for the lover, warrior and survivor in us all.

whitebarUndoubtedly one of the most anticipated new artists to Arise
whitebarAn independent artist making her mark on all those she passes, leaving fans, listeners and collaborators feeling her soul on fire and lyrical prowess.

whitebarWith her creativity barely touching the surface, it has been an exciting musical journey decoding her inner cypher. With nothing but trust in her heart and determination in her veins she has set out to share her energy and art with all ready to receive it.

whitebarRepresenting her self-chosen title, ‘Amari’ meaning ‘Immortal builder’, ‘Strength’, ‘Eternal Beauty’ and ‘Eternal Life’ in various traditions. Carrying her spine straight with her spirit risen and pure. A decisive woman who respects talent but favors soul, promising an edge not to be ignored.

whitebarAmari has been winning the support and hearts of industry greats, from Multi US Grammy Award Winning Songwriters, Producers and Multi Australian ARIA Award Winning professionals to Motown Legends, the list goes on! Growing from strength to strength and constantly growing stronger and more intriguing with every release, Amari has kept audiences enraptured in her journey, pleasantly surprising fans and industry professionals with her music and style.

whitebarAmari is the ‘Lioness’ in all of us. The protector and the hunter with compassion and pride that dwells in every heartbeat. Lyrically confrontational, strong yet vulnerable with a delicate sensitive balance. She’s to the point no fuss real.